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Felonious Jazz

FINALIST, Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Jeff Davis Swaine III digs up evidence for a Raleigh, North Carolina, trial law firm. When a client comes home to find his McMansion burglarized — and his new wife’s dog dead in the kitchen — he suspects his ex-wife. But this is someone far more dangerous. From a stolen minivan, washed-up jazz bassist Leonard Noblac is performing his “perfect jazz album of felonies” to punish the zeroes in the soulless suburb of Rocky Falls. Used to working from the shadow at the back of the stage, Leonard puts down a throbbing beat of crime and destruction, the performance he knows will finally make him famous. As Leonard’s improvisations grow more terrifying, Jeff must find Leonard and stop him — and save the teenager and newborn he has kidnapped — before the album reaches its fiery crescendo.


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Kill the Story

Twenty-six-year-old newspaper reporter Vance Wade is trapped between day and night. He goes to work each afternoon at 3, and as night falls, he systematically visits the most disturbing happenings in Greenville, South Carolina: robberies, overdoses, killings – usually in impoverished, dangerous urban neighborhoods. Today, an attacker has stabbed a TV reporter – Vance’s night-shift rival – in his suburban apartment, and Vance quickly gets a tip that Jim McDavid was working on a story that could have brought down the city police chief. To uncover what happened, Vance must vanish into Greenville’s darkest corners, get that story himself – and publish it before the chief’s men get to him.


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