Ice, Ice Baby: One writer’s critique

Any good author has a few trusted fellow writers who can offer a tough critique of a draft. The key here is for the critique partner to be on the writer’s side, but still unafraid to challenge the writer to improve the piece and to get rid of elements that don’t work. Usually, you need another writer who’s a little better than you to give you a useful critique; regular friends simply won’t be tough enough or know what to suggest. You also need the courage to hear tough critique without despairing — to accept that what you first wrote can get better and to make it so. Journalism got me used to this, and writers who come from another background often need to get better at it.

To give you an idea of how tough is useful, and to smooth your transition to Happy Hour on a Friday afternoon, I’ve offered Vanilla Ice my critique of the first verse of Ice, Ice Baby. Enjoy:

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